At MB Lighting Solutions, you can choose from many lighting options. Do you want to create a romantic atmosphere? Or maybe you want to add energy to your dance floor? We have a solution for you. Let us make your vision of your event or wedding a reality.

Are you looking for something that we currently don’t offer? Let us know, and we will see what we can come up with for you. And if your ready to get a quote, go to the quote form.

Area wash lights illuminating a performer

Area Wash Lights

Large Wash of Light on Your Stage, Dance Floor, Anywhere

From $55

Area wash lights are for anywhere a wash of light is needed. We use the same fixtures as our uprights. The difference with area wash lights is that the lighting fixtures are placed on stands and elevated high into the air. Therefore, they are used to light your talent on stage, add color to your dance floor, or illuminate dark areas for safety reasons.

FX Cocktail Tables

Take Your Cocktail Hour to a Whole New Level

$60 Each

Light up cocktail tables

Ready to take your cocktail hour to a whole new level? Then look no further and get our FX Cocktail Tables.

Unlike all of the other light-up cocktail tables that you’ve seen where the whole table is one solid color at a time, our tables go way beyond that. FX Cocktail Tables have many LEDs placed around the center column, which allows for different colors to be in several sections simultaneously. No more single color. These tables have countless built-in effects. We can also program custom effects that include your wedding colors, for example. They can also be 100% wireless.

Includes cocktail table, white spandex skirt, and LED FX fixture.

They are designed and built exclusively in house by MB Lighting Solutions. Patent Pending.

Warm white LED backdrop behind a wedding cake
Warm White Option Shown

LED Backdrops

LED Backdrops Make for the Perfect Photo Background

From $100

LED backdrops are the perfect background for your photoshoot.

Our LED backdrops are 10 feet high by 10 feet wide. Increase the width by adding additional 10-foot backdrops. There are 600 warm white LEDs per backdrop. The lights can be set to steady-on or can do several different twinkling effects. Available with warm white, cool white, or blue LEDs.

Market Lights

Warm Ambient Light in Your Venue or Outdoor Space

From $2/Foot

Market lights for a wedding in a tent

At MB Lighting Solutions, we use LED market lights that have the appearance of regular Edison light bulbs. The bulbs produce a warm white color of light. They are installed inside your venue or outdoors. The lights are attached to existing structures, trees, tents, and more using temporary means. No place to secure them nearby? No problem. Weighted bases with 10-foot pipes are available.

After requesting a quote, we will require you to set up a time to visit your venue to plan the design and finalize your quote.

Shown with Magenta Uplights

Monogram Projections

Your Name in Lights

From $100

Want to put your name in lights at your event or wedding? A projected monogram is a way to go. At MB Lighting Solutions, we use projectors instead of lighting fixtures. Using projectors, we can achieve more colors and sharper images, and it opens up the window to animated monograms.

We offer a large variety of monogram options. Whether you want the look of a traditional static monogram or you want to take it up a notch with an animated monogram, there is an option for you. Custom monograms are available as well. Take a look at all the options that we offer in our monogram gallery. No matter which you choose, you get a copy of the monogram file for a keepsake at your event’s conclusion.

When requesting a quote, we just need to know the name of the design you want and the details you’d like on the monogram (names, date, initials, and more). For custom designs, send us your idea and what you’d like to have displayed with it. Already have the file that you would like for us to project? If so, you can provide us with the file, and you save some money. We will send you a proof for your final approval for all monograms, except when you provide us with a file.

Moving Lights

Patterns, Colors, and Movement Everywhere

From $50 Each

Moving lights have many different uses. They project patterns, have a selection of colors, and programmed movements controlled via an operator.

Moving lights are the way to go if you just want to add some slow-moving texture to a wall or ceiling to set an atmosphere. Or if you’re going to add fast movement, patterns, and colors to add energy to a dance floor. Say goodbye to the dim lighting package that the DJ brings. MB Lighting Solutions will get your dance floor pumping with moving lights.

Pinspots on a wedding cake


Highlight Objects with a Narrow Beam of Light

$25 Each

A pinspot is a small lighting fixture attached to a light stand or the ceiling and projects a narrow white beam of light. The light is aimed at an object to highlight it.

Common usage for pinspots includes illuminating wedding cakes, table centerpieces, or any other object. Pinspots are especially important if you are also using uplights. Because if your uplights are blue, your beautiful white wedding cake will appear blue as well. For this reason, you will want to use pinspots. By lighting your cake with pinspots, the details in your cake are visible as intended.

Although cool white is the most commonly used pinspot color, we can also change them to red, green, or blue. If you prefer warm white light, which is the color a regular incandescent light bulb gives off, we can even do that as well.

At MB Lighting Solutions, we use LED-based pinspots. Also, our pinspots are completely wireless to provide a nice clean look.

String Lights

Spend Your Evening Under the Stars

From $0.75/Foot

String lights for a wedding

String lights (Christmas lights) are a string of LEDs used to enhance an atmosphere. You will feel like you are spending your evening under the stars.

At MB Lighting Solutions, we use LED string lights. They produce a warm white color of light. They are installed inside your venue or outdoors. The lights are attached to existing structures, trees, tents, and more using temporary means. No place to secure them nearby? No problem. Weighted bases with 10-foot pipes are available.

After requesting a quote, we will require you to set up a time to visit your venue to plan the design and finalize your quote.

Uplights in a tent for a wedding


Colored Columns of Light

$35 Each

An uplight is a lighting fixture placed against a wall or backdrop and aimed upwards. As a result, this creates a column of light against the surface. In effect, this introduces ambient light in the room, which helps set the desired atmosphere.

At MB Lighting Solutions, we use top of the line uplight fixtures which are LED-based. Thus, no more added heat in the venue and much less power required. Also, using LEDs, the colors that we can create are much more vibrant than traditional lamp-based fixtures.

Many uplights only use a mixture of three colors (Red, Green, Blue) to create the desired color. Our uplights use six colors (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, UV (Blacklight)). Therefore, we can make any color that you may desire. You have the option of setting all of the uplights to the same color, or each one a different color. The choice is yours. They can even continuously change color at a set speed or to the beat of the music.

In areas where electrical outlets are not available or in situations where a cable run is not practical, our uplight fixtures can be powered and controlled 100% wirelessly. This flexibility is because of its built-in battery and wireless control capabilities.

So how many uplights would you need for your venue? We recommend one uplight every 10 to 15 feet of wall length. But we can space them however you would like.

Wash Bars

An Even Wash of Light on Your Walls or Backdrops

$40 Each

Wash Bars lighting a ceremony arch for a wedding

Wash bars are placed along the floor and used to uplight walls or backdrops. Unlike uplights, where there is darkness between each lighting fixture, wash bars provide an even wash of light along the entire length of your surface.

Our wash bars are LED-based and use six colors (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, UV (Blacklight)). As a result, we can mix any color that you may need. Each wash bar is 4 feet long. Get as many as you need to cover the full length of your surface.